Young People’s Enterprising Attitude and Business Trainings

We promote the enterprising attitude with young people – we offer special programmes for the youth to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship in each county.

In order to find out the activities for the young people in each county, contact the county development centre here.
Our Network employs 17 consultants who deal with young people.


Programme "Enterprising School"

The Network of County Development Centres in the lead of Ida-Viru County Development Centre IVEK co-ordinates the educational programme "Enterprising School".

"Enterprising School" is a generic name for exciting and inclusive learning methods as well as for a programme which brings more independent and enterprising attitude into schools and nurseries, and develops children’s decisiveness and encourages their business activity.

In an Enterprising School, the teachers’ task is to involve the students into all development stages and processes in a way that the initiative and excitement to learn proceeds from the children themselves. In the educational establishments which are operating with the methodology of the "Enterprising School", it has been noticed that the students become independent sooner, they are more interested in new topics, their ability of critical self-analysis has increased and a trustful relationship between teachers and students has strengthened to a great extent. Lessons are creative, rewarding and full of joy of learning because the children can choose themselves what they want to learn and how they would like to approach the selected subject.

In Estonia, about 100 schools and nurseries with more than 25,000 children perform according to the principles of the "Enterprising School". Intense co-operation also involves the parents and communities.