Services for Local Authorities

We offer the following services for local authorities in the area of regional development:

We disseminate information on:

  • support opportunities
  • development activities in the county
  • non-profit activities in the county
  • entrepreneurship
  • services of private market consultants.

We counsel local authorities and their institutions on the following subjects:

  • counselling on development ideas
  • finding financial resources for development activities and investment needs
  • complex counselling on planning development activities – following the updatedness of the development documents of local authorities, counselling on their preparation and upgrading, etc.
  • counselling on preparation of grant applications – check of the idea conformity, explanation of the main prerequisites of applications, etc.
  • participation in the preparation of terms of reference for purchasing development work and services from private market by local authorities and in their procurement as well as providing supervision on the quality of the admissible works and services
  • counselling on procurements – preparation of terms of reference, choice of way of proceedings, process of procurement, preparation of procurement contract.