KredEx provides apartment associations with different financial services that help to maintain the building, increase its energy efficiency and improve the indoor climate. Through KredEx, it is possible to apply for a loan and a loan guarantee, as well as for a non-repayable grant.

Now, at County Development Centres across Estonia (excluding Harju County), we are offering free consultations regarding KredEx’s services directed at apartment associations.

Теперь мы предлагаем в уездных центрах развития по всей Эстонии (кроме Харьюского уезда) бесплатные консультации по услугам KredEx для квартирных товариществ.

korteriühistute nõustamine
Consultants provide consultation regarding the following services by KredEx:
  • Apartment building renovation loan
  • Loan guarantee for apartment associations
  • Reconstruction grant for apartment buildings
The consultant will explain:
  • which services are suitable for your apartment association
  • what requirements have been set for the applicant and the application
  • what documents are required to apply
  • what is the list of works to be financed with the help of the loan, guarantee or grant
  • what are the obligations of the grant recipient
  • what is the process and what are its deadlines