General Information

The county development centres are development organisations which are located in all the counties and offer free advisory services to starting and operating enterprises, local governments, starting and operating non-profit associations and foundations.

The county development centres (CDCs) were founded on the basis of the conception of the Government of the Republic in 2003. The main objective of the creation of the development centres was to establish a structure which supports the operating capability of enterprises, local governments and citizens' associations as well as the efficient use of structural funds. 

The CDCs are independent foundations which function as a coordinated co-operation network (CDC-Network). The network includes 15 county development centres.

By the year of 2018, the county development centres had evolved into development organisations, which are active in all the counties and offer, on the contractual basis, information services, advisory services and development support to entrepreneurs, citizens' associations and local governments with the support of the state, the European Union and local partners. In addition, the development centres offer investor services on the county level and are active in the area of developing the business initiative of young people.

We support the growth of the socio-economic competitiveness and the population's satisfaction in Estonia through regional development.

For this purpose, we:

- initiate and implement development activities, proceeding from the common interests of private and public sectors and corresponding to the development strands of the counties;

- offer advisory, project management, training and information services, proceeding from the needs of the target groups;

- are the main development partner for all-Estonian development organisations;

- participate in the preparation and implementation of national strategies on the county level.


The activity priorities of the county development centres are as follows:

- to enhance the productivity and business activity rate of enterprises;

- to raise the activity efficiency of citizens' associations, to support the growth of their influence and the strengthening of co-operation in the society;

- to improve the co-operation capability of the private and public sectors as well as the attraction of business environment in order to create effective jobs, improve the quality of public services and involve additional investments.