Regional Development

In the sector of regional development, the development centres offer the following services:

-        share information on: 

·        possible support measures;

·        the development activities in the county;

·        the non-profit activities in the county;

·        business;

·        consultancy services on private market;

-        counsel local governments and their administered institutions in the following issues:

·        counselling on development ideas;

·        finding financing sources to development activities and investment needs;

·        complex counselling on planning of development activities – supervision of topicality of development documents of local governments, counselling on preparation and revision processes, etc.;

·        counselling on preparation of applications for support – inspection of the compliance with the idea, explanation of guideline conditions of applications, etc;

·        participation in the preparation of terms of reference for development work and services, bought by local governments form private market, and in their buying-in procedures as well as provision of supervision service for the quality and admissibility of work and services;

·        counselling on procurements – preparation of terms of reference, selection of procedure, procurement process, preparation of procurement contract.


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