Enterprising School

"Enterprising School" is an education programme, which was launched in Ida-Viru County in 2006 and focuses on the integration of business studies into the school system in order to enhance the quality of education and hence the success of young people in life.

The network of "Enterprising School" has expanded into ten counties, where the programme is co-ordinated by the county development centres (CDCs). These counties include ida-Viru, Lääne-Viru, Harju, Lääne, Rapla, Pärnu, Viljandi, Võru, Järva and Jõgeva Counties.

In the enterprising learning, the objective of education is the formation of enterprising attitude. In the learning process each subject teacher can contribute to and encourage a young person to have the attitude "I want – I can – I do", to be a courageous initiator, to find new solutions, to have high motivation, to co-operate with others, to raise aims and achieve results, to be responsible and concerning, to be capable of self-analysis and termination their activities started.

Application of the model "Enterprising School" helps the educational institutions:

·        to integrate the learned things with the real life, with no games but real things and        activities;

·        to do successful co-operation with parents and partners;

·        to make studies more interesting;

·        to make both the students and the teachers enthusiastic;

·        to contribute to the local community, when completing something in reality.

The network of "Enterprising School" includes the educational establishments, who in their establishments have set the aim of education to form enterprising attitude through study assignment counting on the national curriculum.