Civil Society

In the sector of non-profit associations, the development centres offer the following services:

-        share information on: 

·        possible support measures;

·        non-profit activities in the county;

·        consultancy services of private market.

-        counsel in the following questions:

·      mapping the client's needs;

·      consulting on starting, incl.:

- consulting on the choice of suitable operation form;

- starting and dissolution of the legal person of a non-profit association / foundation;

- legal aspects of management of a non-profit association / foundation;

- document management;

- consulting on establishment of accountancy and taxes;

·      consulting on management and development of a non-profit association, incl.:

- team building, incl. involvement and motivation of volunteers, leading, encouraging, acknowledging;

- counselling on strategic planning;

- counselling on development of management body;

- counselling on involvement of members and volunteers;

·      consulting on economic activities, incl.:

- consulting on starting social business;

- consulting on delegation of public services;

·      consulting on project applications, incl.:

- explanation of guideline conditions of applications;

- inspection of the compliance with the idea;

- consulting on project management.


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